Thursday, October 23, 2008



New "Office" tonight baby! You know what we'll be doing.


Andrea said...

What will you be doing??? Sit ups? It sure looks like you will be doing some sit ups. I need to do some sit ups. Sigh

Oh okay, I am not really that blonde, I know you will be watching the office!

Hope said...

I give up - how in the world did you take this photo?

Harmony said...

Self-timer baby! We were laying just like this and I thought it would be a cool picture.

Yeah, I'm pretty magical.

Emily said...

Did you love the office? "You haven't sold my hug yet!"

Harmony said...

Stinking Hawaii! We can't ever see the Office until EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD HAS.

Stinkin' time zone.

(Is it sad that I comment more on my blog than anyone? Discuss)

Monique said...

So I need a good "eating" family picture for our kitchen. (I have a cute red frame that is blank right now.) I don't want it to be gross, but I want it to be better than just a picture of us at a table eating food. If you get what I am saying... any suggestions?

funny WV: beweepsy

taryn said...

omg - i love this photo!

Harmony said...

--Mo--I have TONS of suggestions for you!

*each person with a spoon on their nose. You know, you breathe on it and stick it to your nose.

*each person with whatever food that most resemble. I vote a chubby pumpkin for Dylan. You get extra points if you can make someone look like a pineapple!

*everyone blowing out candles on cake (or cupcakes!)

*This isn't food related really, but we had the idea years ago to put black and white photos of friends (or family!) and have them sign it (like they do with famous people in resturants) Mine said "I promised I'd remember the little people, but I've already forgotten your name"

...and I have more (email me if you want them after that rant)

I'm my longest comment ever. So sad.

--Yo, Taryn--I just went to your blog. Where's a picture of you?!?! Bring it on! :-)


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