Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've been tagged (which I'm trying to be a better sport about--look at me! I'm growing) by Sharon.

For this tag you go to your fourth photo file on your computer and post the fourth picture from that file.

Mine was Kate from the pumpkin patch in Julian, CA last year (which was kind of weird in it's serendipitousness) (look at me! I also make up new words) Ack, look how little she is. And chubs. Gotta love the chubs.

I just loved this picture because the background was all circle-ly and out of focus (which I had no idea how to make happen then--did you know it has a name? The out-of-focus thingie? It's called bokeh) And the weird face? She had just bitten into the pumpkin. I don't think she loved it.


I'm tagging Kerry, Jen, Monique and Amanda. Bring it girls!


Monique said...

Of course you had to Tag me!! :) This one is actually pretty tame. She seems very concerned (or disgusted) over this teeny pumpkin as if to say. What? That's all I get? or Pashaw! I can do better than this! :)

Sharon said...

Wow has she changed, it's so amazing how much a year make such a big difference. did you know I'm a hypocrite? I joined facebook!


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