Thursday, October 2, 2008


If you're just a casual reader of this blog, beware that I am about to cross into Too Much Information (as the kids say, T.M.I) for you.

You were warned.

Oh my gosh, PMS is kicking my butt today. You know when you first learned about your menstral cycle and they'd say things like "you might notice a slight change in your moods in the days leading up to menstration" (stole that right from Wikipedia) That's like saying "Oh, is that a dead body in the corner? I didn't REALLY NOTICE"

PMS breakdowns I have had today:

Yelled at the next door dog for barking (not in a normal "cut it out" way--more like a "I will neuter you right now" kind of way)

Cried at "A Baby Story" (for those of you forward thinkers--I am NOT pregnant)

Cried when Blake told me he wants to go to Australia.

Cried when Blake brought me home sushi from my favorite spot.

Cried during the vice-presidental debates.

Okay, so I made that last one up. But that's still a lot of crying. So I locked myself in the bathroom and took a 400 degree bath. With candles.

It totally helped. You can still feel bad for Blake for the next 5-7 days.

On a total non-period moment, Kate wore her Halloween bee wings today (which I cropped most of out--because dammit, you need surprises)


Why does she look like she's wearing lip gloss? Discuss.


Andrea said...

Oh no!! I feel for ya, I think that is me on a normal day!! LOL!! I hope you get back to normal hormones soon!!

My three year old son saw Kate and said, "Oh Pretty!!" Then I scrolled down and he freaked out saying, "I can't see her!" Good thing we aren't neighbors!!LOL

Jen said...

Can the word ethereal (did I spell that right?) apply to someone that still poops her pants? Because I think it can. And also- I spent last night in a very hot bath after taking 4 ibuprofen, so I'm feeling you. Then this picture of your child choked me up a little, so I am REALLY feeling you. PMS=Super Awesome.

Ella just stopped to look and told me "Katie looks like she is getting so BIGGER." Please tell Katie to stop it immediately. (or I will cry some more, seriously)

Brandi said...

She has the best bottom lip ever. I'm jealous...



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