Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weekend In Pictures


We watched men scale coconut trees.


We got temporary tattoos.


We went to a luau.


We got fancy and went to a ball (and this is the only picture on my camera. Dur, photographer Harmony)


We brunched. Yes, we do that (refer back to us being fancy) Some of us skipped the crab legs and went straight for the money item....the ice cream.


Took pictures of awesome-ly cute babies. Managed to not smuggle him home.


We passed out on the floor. For real, taken in the dark with her passed out on the floor. Classic.


Is there some sort of spa I can go to for recovery from my weekend?


taryn said...

i love the picture of you and your hubby and the one of your baby girl passed out on the floor. too cute!!

Sharon said...

You where busy. Your picture of you and Blake could be from the 40's if you didn't have a camera in your hand. It's something I could see in U571 which is set during wwII. It's a classy look!

Monique said...

Life is good I can tell! We are going to Aviano and Venice this weekend and I wish I had a FABULOSO camera to take shots with... we'll see how it goes!

Emily said...

I always love your weekend in pictures. Looks like a fun one! I also loved your challenge. The link you posted for NieNie was so touching. I took a picture and posted it today!

Des said...

Ok, so after reading Emily's blog I went back and took a closer look at your challenge. I confess that when I first read that post I didn't click on the STORY...argh! Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. I type this with extreme guilt on my shoulders for the comment I left. So to try and ease some guilt and because I was so touched by the story. I will post pictures of yes ME. Such a huge belated apology!

That being said, I love your weekend in pictures. It showcased my vison of an excited weekend in Hawaii. So fun!! Besides being exhausted. I love your picture with Blake. You look so dang cute even with a camera in your hand.

Ok, I am going to carry on with the rest of my day with a whole new perspective. Thanks for sharing that little lesson. I guess I really needed it.


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