Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tourism: the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the travel and stay of non-residents, insofar as they do not lead to permanent residence and are not connected with any earning activity

Living in Hawaii gives you very different perspective on tourists. They are the ones who cut you off in their rented convertibles, they are the ones wearing color coordinated Hawaiian shirts, they always seem to be drunk. They are kind of annoying.

After two weeks of lugging around my in-laws (along with a random aunt) I can honestly say I bristled every time I heard the word "tourist". So much so that at the Polynesian Cultural Center when workers would ask me "where are you from, cousin?" (Cousin being a polite term around here!) I'd say "I LIVE HERE! HERE!" Then they would look my lily white self up and down and think "Sure whitey, sure"

So after a week, I embraced yet. Hell yeah, I'm a tourist. Give me my damn lei.


My best cheesy tourist pose. I only wish I was holding my drink poured into a pineapple.

Excuse the beet redness. Did you know it's hot and humid here? Did you also know I was at the PCC for ten hours?


Lisa said...

I love the picture. The pineapple drink would've been good though.

Brandi said...

1. Yay for a picture of you! I finally went through with your challenge last night.

2. I grew up on an island in Maine and I always dreaded Summer and the influx of tourists (who really are rude! It's made me overly aware of my behavior when I'm the tourist). At least in Maine it's seasonal. You get it non stop in Hawaii.

Jen said...

I don't think you look quite drunk enough.

(By the way- our WHOLE family is going to buy coordinating shirts when we come. And then we're going to make you take pictures of us next to palm trees. I might even make Eric wear socks with his sandals. It will be awesome.)

Marianne said...

When we went to Hawaii I REFUSED to wear a lei. I wouldn't do it. I also didn't say ALOOOOOOOOHA! every 5 minutes either. I am too cool for that.

10 hours? sheesh. I couldn't spend 50 dollars for a smoothie.

Hope said...

The word you need to know is "kama'aina" (I love how the accent marks are now popping up all over the place). And then you can wear leis and aloha shirts and say "Aloha!' with MEANING.

Amanda said...

I love the PCC. Well, I love everything about Hawaii, but maybe that's because both times I was there I was a tourist. Though I always did my best to blend in and not look to conspicuous. I guess the white skin gives me away.

Harmony said...

Oh, I KNOW about kama'aina! They have actual cards now that are called "kama'aina" cards that give you mondo discounts for everything!

That's right! I'M FROM HERE!

taryn said...

that's hilarious. we have to go through the same thing in florida during our tourist season, so i know what you mean. you're pretty darn lucky to be living in hawaii!

Monique said...

Our tourist season is just starting and the traffic is horrendous!! I think I need a summer home ... in Hawaii!


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