Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finding Joy In The Journey

We had our church's General Conference this past weekend where President Monson spoke about "Finding Joy In The Journey". Now my friend Lucy, who is already ahead of the pack had already named her blog that exact thing has challenged us to blog about how we find joy in our life's journey.

I have this print and while it is kind of silly (and feeds into my obsession with birdie prints from Etsy--it's a whole thing) it reminds me each day that you can take joy in the little things. It reminds me of the scripture ""Adam fell that we might be, and men are that they might have joy" (2 Nephi 2:25)


One of the joys of photography is when I take a picture, you just see the positive. I can crop out the crap in the background, edit the picture of crying and screaming (unless they're cute) When we look back on our lives and (I think more importantly) during our life, I hope that's what we see. Our own snapshots of joy.

Even if you don't read Lucy's blog (which dude, you should) you can answer this too. How do you find joy in your journey?

Update: Find the entire talk here.


Hope said...

You DO realize that you now have begun a contest:

"Happier Than A Pig in a Poke" (very old one - does anyone know what a poke is, by the way?)

"...Than A Tornado In A Trailer Park" (Larry the Cable Guy)

"... Then A Kid In A Candy Store"

"... Than A Clam At High Tide"

"... Than A Flea At A Dog Show"

Okay - your turn, people.

Lisa said...

I recently read "If you aren't happy, you aren't paying attention". I don't think that quote is meant to criticize people who are unhappy, discouraged, or depressed. For me, it just reminds me to be grateful- gratitude is the crux of me finding joy!

Oh and for Hope- I'm happier than a dingo in a nusery! Even though I'm busier than a blind man at a strip show.

Andrea said...

Oh I love the bird and the french fry!! It reminds me of the wal mart parking lot. LOL!!

Happier than a coondog on a raccon.

Happier than a fat sow in da sunshine.

Happier than a dog rollin on a dead cat.

Happier than a frog in a rain storm.

Happier than a dog with a bone.

Sorry I had to bring in the redneck side of things!! Hee hee!! :) There are more but I will stop the insanity there.

Good post and how neat that your friend's blog is titled almost exactly what the Prophet said. I have learned to find joy in my boys being dirty. I used to get all bent out of shape when they would be full of mud and wanting to come inside. Now, I smile and take pictures, then send them to the tub. What is life to a little boy when he can't get muddy every now and then?

Happier than a little boy in a mud hole.

Monique said...

How do you save that picture so that I can put in on my blog? :) Pretty darn cool lady!

Diana said...

Hi Harmony!!!

I'm going to buy that print and put it in my new apartment, right next to the door so I see it everyday when I leave.

Thanks for the great blog!!


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