Monday, October 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished.

Lessons learned making tissue ghosts:

1. Do not use the lotion saturated tissues your mom loves. They will make your hands oily. Really oily.

2. If you don't watch her, Kate will draw on her face with Magic Marker. Repeatedly.

3. Colin will also draw on his face, although not intentionaly. Do not point this out to him.

3. Tissue ghosts are awesome.


Does anyone else have cheapo Halloween decorating ideas? Pass them on!


Des said...

LOVE tissue ghost!! I forgot all about them. We do spiders. Styrofoam balls spray paint black stick in black pipe cleaners and shape legs...add googly eyes and they are very cute to hang as well.

Kylene said...

Those are so cute, I am going to steal your idea! One tradition we do is make Haunted Houses out of Graham Crackers.

Lisa said...

You can make a huge spider for the front lawn with a bunch of black trash bags and some dry leaves or crumpled newspaper. Stuff two bags (one a bit less) for the head and body, and roll up other bags for the legs.

Annette said...

I used to make a huge skeleton out of cheap white paper plates, use one plate for the skull, one for each hand, 2 for arm bones, etc etc. Tape each piece to the front door or window and it really doesn't look bad and is almost free!

Harmony said...

Thanks for all the awesome ideas everyone!


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