Thursday, October 2, 2008


Not that I ever want to agree with that dumb guy from "SuperBad", but you need to register and vote. For realz.

Best line: "Rampant like herpes....but for positive"


Jen said...

Ummm, vote for what?


I am thinking that we should totally make a toddler version of this to encourage them to use the toilet- like a "don't poop" sort of thing. It would be awesome.

(Also, Leonardo diCaprio bears a strange likeness to my brother, which makes me want to put him in a headlock... and then VOTE.)

Andrea said...

Okay when did Leonardo DiCaprio get so hot?? And Jenn if he looks like your brother, can I borrow him??

There are a lot of stars in the clip, I wonder how much that cost?

In case they were wondering, I was thinking about not voting, I don't like either one who's running. Maybe I'll vote for the one guy who didn't have enough money to campain.


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