Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Challenge To You.


You guys, it almost physically pains me to post pictures of myself. Why is that? I read so many blogs where I have no idea what the writer even looks like--but her kids, her husband, her home--those are all beautifully photographed. Where is she?

I'm sure you've heard of Nie Nie. If not, you can read her story here. Her blog is chock full of pictures of her with her children. She makes me envious with her photographs. I wish I could be that brave.

Today my challenge to you is to photograph yourself. Or have someone photograph you. Now. With your kids or without. Even just parts of you. It doesn't matter. Print it or post it or keep it on your computer. Just take it. And save it.

You'll thank me. And your family will thank you.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?


Brandi said...

My husband tells me the same thing all the time. He's like, "What if you died tomorrow? There are no pictures of you with the kids! There are no pictures of you at all! They won't remember what you look like."

And of course that makes me want to go sob in a corner, but it's the truth.

I HATE pictures of myself, especially in the past 6 months since I packed on even more weight than usual. My husband snuck a few of me on vacation and they were on a slide show on our Wii and I had to leave the room--that's how much I can't stand to look at my own picture.

But if I should die tomorrow, I want my kids to remember me. So I accept your challenge.

Crystal said...

Hi, long time lurker...I love your photos and your letters to whoever, so I lurk. I sorta knew you at Fort meade, like everyone else. Anyhoo...I think I'll take your challenge. It does have me thinking.

Andrea said...

Okay, I do not post a lot of pictures of me because I am a fat cow!! Whuahahahaa!! LOL! Really I ahve way too much baby fat to be in any photos!! Maybe my finger could make an appearance on my blog!! LOL!! I will try to do this one.

Sharon said...

You know that is so true, I was sad posting pictures of the kids birthday and you would think I missed the whole thing because of course I was the one trying to take all the pictures. 'm going to try and do that.

Lucy said...

I'm waiting for my husband to learn how to use my fancy schmancy camera.

I'm waiting for my large behind to get smaller.

I'm waiting until Maureen takes my picture, costing me a car payment in the process. :) I wish you lived closer. Would you charge me that much?? :)

Aleisha said...

Great challenge. I have very few pictures of myself and my with my kids. Usually because I am the one always taking the picture. But I will have to change all that. Picking to start when I am almost 5 months prego is not really a good time though. Oh well, better late then never!

Des said...

Um, I did a whole post on just my banana scout shirt. Do I get double bubble credit points?? If not I cannot meet the challenge I'm not posting photos of today's Des:(

Hope said...

ATTENTION: I am SO SORRY that we ALL have been duped (myself included) into believing that unless we are an anorexic and/or bulimic fashion model, (6'1", 105 lbs.), we are not beautiful.

Women, we are beautiful at 185 lbs. (me, yesterday on the scale at the gym) and when the dimension-limited camera lens makes us look wider than we actually are (and much wider than we actually want to BE), we need to accept that, celebrate it, and DEAL with it in a positive manner.

That being said, I will post my own photo on my website… someday ;-)

Marianne said...

I love to see pictures of myself. Vain much? Unfortunately, I am kinda shy posing and making cute faces in front of a camera. However, I do have some pictures, but I don't think they would be appropriate for my blog. JK.

Harmony said...

Marianne--woman, you need to write more comments! Jokes about illict nudity?!?! HELLO!?! You're my soulmate.


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