Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spooky Brownies

I'm in charge of Colin's kindergarten class Halloween treat. In true Harmony form, I must make their snack BETTER. THAN. ANY. SNACK. EVER.

Therefore, these ghost brownies (thanks Sharon for the link) Isn't he cute? I think I'm going to name him Shawn.


Although he looks a little forlorn. Here's a kissy face just for my loyal blog readers.



Update: If you are thinking of making these (and why wouldn't you? They're awesome) I heated the frosting for 20 seconds and then poured it over SLOWLY around the top outer rim of the marshmallow. Go SLOW! I used Red Hots for the eyes--drawing eyes is not for me. Smoochy mouths? That's another story)


Sharon said...

No fair your's are better than mine, of course my marshmellows where lopsided. The red hots look good, much better than my mini chocolate chips. So cute. Your are perfectionist in cooking, no dripping icing over the edge like me.

Des said...

Cruelness! When I think Harmony and see brownies my mouth starts to water and a uncomfortable craving starts to stir:(

Those are adorable. I think you will receive a lot of praise. Hopefully there is more adults besides just the teacher. It is them you will wow. The kids will just droll and inhale before they can truely appreciate.

Lucy said...

This reminds me of Emily's finds online... how cute are those... and do you know that I nEVER had some of your infamous brownies?? I wonder how they travel in the mail?? I guess you could send me some when I send you your "office" supplies... still packaged, hanging out in my cupboard.

Lisa said...

Sweet merciful crap girl! You are frickin awesome. Those brownies are perfect.

Hope said...

"I see!" said the blind man. These are great... and yeah, I WANT one... RIGHT NOW.

Jen said...

Best Halloween snack ever ACHIEVED. Suck it, other mothers!!

(See? I'm down with your alpha-mom agenda!)

Sarah said...

Cutest desserts ever! Now I wish I needed to bring treats to Dale's class.... I'd be the coolest mom around.

Harmony said...

Don't worry guys--they weren't the secret recipe (because holy crap, that's a lot of work for kindergarteners) Then that really would be best snack EVA!

Andrea said...

Those are too cute!! I love them and I will have to try it!! I am not sure if I could do the frosting slowly, Really fun.


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