Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love Letters

Dear Kate,

Do you know you do the exact same "fish face" lips that your dad does when you're concentrating? It's the one feature on you he can claim as his own.


Dear Colin,

You are a fantastic photographer. Look at your handiwork from today.


Dear me,

You are a big dork in your pictures. Dammit, give Colin something to work with.


Marianne said...

you look like you should be snorting. did you snort? i'm snorting just thinking about what your snort-laugh sounds like.

ha ha ha snort ha ha ha ha ha

The Galan Family said...

I love Viva la Vida!! It has become one of my new favorite running songs. I could listen to that one over and over.

Des said...

That is funny. Kort moves his mouth just like Orange when he is thinking. And both my boys sleep on their backs with their arms above their head and their mouth open. Just like Orange. It is hilarious. I like the picture Colin took. Great shirt BTW:)

Harmony said...

Des, I love that you commented on the shirt--I'm thinking of wearing it for family pictures ('cause I don't have to suck in my stomach with it!)


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