Friday, October 24, 2008

The Tutus are coming!

You guys, I'm in over my head right now. But SOON I will be putting up a tutu tutorial (trying saying that three times fast) which is so easy you'll be amazed. Not that I ever post anything particularly hard.

So order your tulle now. I got mine here. Get about 50 yards of the 6" width--it will put you out a whole 4 bucks.


'Cause I always have to write something down here. This tutu is pre-"trimmed" (where I freak out in my analness and cut them all the same length. It's a sickness)

I'm off to jam a two year old into bee wings for a party!


Andrea said...

So, that is all I need, no needle and thread?? I might make this!! My little girl needs a tutu!!

Crystal said...

Yours looks so pretty 'cause you trim them! I'll have to start doing that when I make them. And thanks for the site to order tulle. I hope they ship FPO. I haven't found any affordable tulle in Japan.

Harmony said...

Oh whoops, you do need a needle and thread--but just to sew two ends of the elastic together. I am NOT a sewer I can even do that.

(or you can be super lazy and make it out of an elastic headband. Don't think I haven't cheated and done that too)

Hope said...

Will you help me if I make one for Najale?

Kylene said...

Ha I wish you'd posted this two weeks ago! A friend found some on Ebay for $35 and asked if I could replicate it. So I poured over the internet trying to find out. I did it and they are sooo cute and EASY! I left my edges a little raged though because I thought it looked cute :p

Monique said...

Okay, so I think I need a play-by-play. Those are just loop-tied together for real? What are the dimensions and stuff? (I sound pretty technical, huh?) I do want to make my girls some tu-tus.

Harmony said...

Loop tied together for real! I'll put the real one up this week!


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