Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weekend In Pictures

Things we learned this weekend:

A pumpkin patch in 90 degree weather is not as magical as it sounds.


Kate has some hitch in her giddy-up. We don't know what that means either.


Shoes really do make the outfit. (thanks Mom!)


Dental hygiene is important.


Colin is cute...


...although he might need to start shaving. Or has rabies.



Monique said...

I was just reading in Maleia's scrapbook that while we were in the Hospital with her being born, Haley played with Colin all day and when she came home, she told us that she wanted an older brother named Colin. :) What a handsome boy you have there. Betrothing is out right? Bummer.

Hope said...

Betrothing is IN - unfortunately, it doesn't always work out the way it should(otherwise Harmony would be married to David Summerhill right now - sorry, Blake).

And those shoes are even cuter than I thought possible.

Should I disown you that you don't know what 'hitch in her giddy-up' means? I mean, I'm less than 40 miles from Tombstone, Arizona - if there is a old-western-slang-resurrected-or-created-for-the-tourist-crowd, I know it - and I should have taught to you by now ;-)

Brandi said...

My three year old, Amelia, is always hanging on me when I'm on the computer, so she's seen all the pictures of your kids over the past few months. I've told her their names, and now she points to them and says, "That's Colin" or "That's Baby Kate" (she decided it's Baby Kate, not Kate).

Anyway, we looked at these pictures today and she asked who was on the horse. I said it was Baby Kate. She said, "Nuh uh. That girl is wearing a SHIRT."


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